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The Easiest Way to Convert PNG to Excel for Free

Sometimes, we just don’t have enough time to take notes on a class or meeting, and have to take pictures of or capture screenshots of some file, but later find we need to edit on these information? Then how? Today, we are going to introduce the easiest way to convert PNG to Excel format, 100% free of charge.


(Above is the file we used to test, you can compare the conversion result later)

The tool we use is online2pdf, an online free program with OCR to convert native PDF, scanned PDF, even images into different editable formats, including Excel.

  • Step 1. Go to Online2pdf
  • Step 2. Drag and drop the PNG to the program, or click “Select files”;
  • Step 3. Choose output as Excel in “convert to”, then the OCR feature will be activated, choose file language according to your need;convert
  • Step 4. Optional. Go to Preferences to tweak the settings as needed;
  • Step 5. Click “Convert” to export PNG as Excel;
  • Step 6. Once the conversion finishes, you will be guided to save the file. Done.

Now, you can take a look at the conversion quality:


You will notice that, all the data can be exported into the Excel file, but the formatting is messed up, users will need to manually adjust.

However, trust me, online2pdf is the one brings best free conversion result, other online PNG to Excel converters just yield poor results, even cannot convert images. Of course, if you want better conversion quality, with everything maintained as original file quality, refer to this PNG to Editable Word, Excel, Text Guide.

2 Ways to Copy Table from PDF to Word

There are 2 ways to copy a table from PDF to Word:

  • Basic: Manually copy and paste from PDF to Word, only applicable for Native PDF
  • Advanced: Convert PDF to Word, applicable for Native and Scanned PDF, also maintain original formatting

And today, we introduce 2 ways to copy table from PDF to Word, for free or for high quality results.

Method 1: Manually Copy Table from PDF to Word

Items Needed: A PDF Viewer (Recommended free PDF viewer: Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, Skim, Mac Preview, PDFescape, etc)

Steps to Copy Table from PDF to Word

  • #1 Open PDF with the PDF reader
  • #2 Select the table, copy and paste to a Word document
  • #3 Adjust the formatting if necessary, then save the Word file


If you want to highly maintain the table formatting, either take screenshot of the table to save as image, or create a new table in the Word file, then copy and paste the data with formatting to the table.

Method 2. Convert PDF Table to Word (Scanned PDF Included)

Items Needed: PDF Converter with OCR (Recommended PDF Converter: Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac, Readiris 17 for Windows)

Steps to Copy Table from PDF to Word

(Here we take Cisdem PDF Converter OCR as example)

  • #1 Download and install PDF Converter OCR on your mac
  • #2 Launch the program, drag and drop a PDF or multiple PDF into the program. It supports batch conversion.


  • #3 Choose page range and select output as Docx.


  • #4 Optional. If you want to copy text from scanned PDF or image, turn OCR button ON. Then click “Advanced Settings” to check if all OCR applied zone are marked properly. Especially the tables, make sure all tables are marked as Table box.


  • #5 Convert PDF to Word. You will find the table is displayed in Word document with original formatting retained.

What is the Best PDF to Keynote Converter 2018?

Want to convert PDF to Keynote for presentation but need a free solution? Here you will get to know the best free PDF to Keynote Converter for 2018.

In fact, PDF converters designed to export PDF as Keynote is quite small in quantity, as Keynote is still not that prevalent as PowerPoint. But as the advantages of Keynote loom larger and larger these days, the needs to save PDF as Keynote also grow. While, a good free PDF to Keynote converters, be it desktop or online, it should allows users to convert PDF to editable Keynote with high quality. And basing on this, we pick the best free PDF to Keynote Converter 2018 for you—CleverPDF.

CleverPDF is an easy-to-use online free PDF to Keynote converter, it processes the conversion fast and well. It won’t take you much time when uploading or processing the files, and the conversion results is decent, though requires re-check and minor adjustments, but basically meet your needs.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Conversion
  • Good Conversion


  • No batch conversion
  • Need manually adjustment if conversion errors exists
  • Require stable internet
  • Potential risk of information leakage

How to Use the Best Free PDF to Keynote Converter?

1.Upload PDF. Click on “Choose file” or drag and drop to upload PDF for conversion. The time of uploading will depend on the file size and Internet connection.


2.Start Conversion. Click on “Start Conversion” to process the file.02

3.Download Keynote Output. Click on “Download” to save the Keynote file.


Any Other Better PDF to Keynote Converter?

If the results from CleverPDF PDF to Keynote Converter let you down or you want to safely work on a PDF file, you can turn to a professional desktop PDF to Keynote Converter, and Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a good choice.

How to Fix if Your S8 SD Card is Corrupted?

If you are Samsung Galaxy 8 users, you may have or hear complaints about poor performance of its SD Card, such as issues of unreadable, being unrecognized, stored files are corrupted for no reason…, like many other S8 users trying to find solutions on Samsung forum:

Having exactly the same problem. SO card all of a sudden went corrupt. Formatting doesn’t help.—userGlxEAcSuL7

Exactly the same issue on s8+, photos appear as blanks then several seconds later reapparears as thumbnails, music suddenly stops – have to manually restart.—userf9MplVzlnQ

Therefore, to fix a corrupted S8 SD card, we here offer following solutions proved to be feasible under certain situations:

Fix 1. Take out the SD Card and reinsert.

Fix 2. Clean the metal contacts on the SD Card and reinsert

Fix 3. Insert the SD Card to other phone or computer to check the files are still on the SD Card, if yes, back them up first, then reinsert the SD Card, you can make sure if it is the problem of SD Card or your phone.

If it is the problem of SD Card, try inserting another SD Card.

If it is the problem of your phone, go find a professional for help.

Fix 4. Wipe the cache partition

Step 1: Turn off the phone

Step 2: Hold the “Home” and “Volume up” button in the same time

Step 3. Hold the “Home “ + “Volume up”+ “Power” button in the same time

Step 4. Release “Power” button when the phone vibrates

Step 5. Release the “Volume up” and “Home” button when Android logo appears

Step 6. Navigate with the “Volume down” button to initiate the commands with “Power” button.

Step 7. Tap the Wipe Cache Partition option and press “Power”

Step 8. Tap to choose “Yes” , press “Power” to start the wiping.

Step 9. Restart the phone

Fix When SD Card Files are Corrupted

But if your SD card has been corrupted and you cannot access to the files, can you get files on corrupted sd card back? Yes, of course.

For Windows User

Wise Data Recovery is a free SD card recovery program for Windows PC, it helps to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from external hard drive, memory card, mobile phone and other storage device.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your Window PC.

Step 2. Connect your S8 SD card to the computer with a card reader.

Step 3. Run the program and choose your S8 SD Card for scanning, then click “Scan”.wise-data-recovery-01

Step 4. Select the check box before the items you want to recover. The recoverability indicates the possibility that if you can recover a file.

Step 5. Click “Recover” to find back the files on your corrupted s8 SD Card.wise-data-recovery-03.png

For Mac Users

Cisdem Data Recovery is a dedicated mac program to recover different files from SD card or other storage device, no matter the files are lost due to deletion, formatting, corruption, virus attach or other reason.

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem Data Recovery on your mac.

Step 2. Choose a Recovery mode according to your needs. For corrupted SD card, you can try Basic Recovery Mode to get an efficient/fast recovery, or try Advanced Recovery Mode to find back all corrupted files as many as possible.datarecovery-scr-main-l

Step 3. Choose your S8 SD Card and click “Scan”

Step 4. Preview the files, all the found files will be categorized in different folders, check the box before the items you want to recover from your corrupted sd card.datarecovery-scr-preview-l

Step 5. Click “Recover” to fix your S8 corrupted SD Card.

2 Ways to Decrease Size of PDF on Mac

Large PDFs often bring us troubles to send out an email or consume our device space. But how to decrease the size of a PDF on mac, here are 2 ways for your choice.

Decrease Size of PDF on Mac with Free Preview

Preview is the free mac tool to manage PDF and image files, it is also capable of reducing a PDF file size.

1. Open PDF with Preview

2. Go to File>Export, maintain the “Format” be PDF, choose “Reduce File Size” in “Quartz Filter”.

3. Then choose “Save”


However, according to my tests, Preview only works on this issue when I drop files mainly about images. If a file is evenly composed of texts, images, other elements, Preview gets only poor results (make your file even bigger)

Decrease Size of PDF on Mac with PDF Compressor

If you want some way to do the job automatically, you can use a professional PDF Compressor.

Let’s say Cisdem PDF Compressor, it is a mac program developed to reduce PDF file size while retains original quality.

Key Features:

  • 4 modes to compress PDF on mac(minimal, small, medium, large);
  • Keep original quality
  • Batch compress
  • Easy to use

Watch the tutorial

How to Do Russian OCR Easily?

With the evolution of global village, it becomes more and more frequent for us to interact with people from different countries. If you happen to have a Russian file in hand and want to do OCR on it, here you will find the easiest workaround to do Russian OCR.

As we all know, it is never easy to obtain an accurate OCR result. But professional OCR programs are always doing much better than those online free ones. So, here we will introduce 2 tools to get the best Russian OCR results, respectively for Mac users and Windows users.

Do Russian OCR on Mac

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, which is designed to save native PDF, scanned PDF and images as 16 formats, including searchable PDF, PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, ePub, etc. with original formatting well kept. It supports batch OCR and is capable of processing OCR extremely fast, which is quite convenient for users who want to deal with large quantity of Russian files.

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter on your mac.

Step 2. Drag and drop PDF files or images into the program.

Step 3. Choose the pages you want to do Russian OCR, turn OCR button ON, and select output as PDF, Word, or other format as needed.


Step 4. Click “Convert” to start doing Russian OCR.

Do Russian OCR on Windows

ABBYY FineReader, is a Windows program to convert PDF and scans into searchable PDF, Word, Excel, Text and other formats. It offers a set of tools to optimize OCR results, such as area control, editing contents within the program, etc. More important, it works as a professional PDF editor to manage your PDF in the way you expect.

Step 1. Download and install ABBYY FineReader on your PC.

Step 2. Click “Add” to import files.

Step 3. Use the toolbars for more accurate OCR results.

Step 4. Click “Save” to choose an output and save the file.


For sure, if you are not that demanding on OCR results, or you just need to do Russian OCR one or two times in a long interval, online free OCR services can be utilized to serve your purpose.

Can Adobe Reader Perform OCR on Image-Based Files?

As the creator, who contributes all its best to make people benefit so much from using PDF, Adobe is always leading in the way to offer efficient PDF tool kits and solutions, especially its free PDF Reader and powerful Adobe Acrobat.

While, it these times when we need to deal with a lot of scanned documents or images, OCR becomes critical to help optimize our workflow. So, there are so many users wondering if the free Adobe Reader can perform OCR?

Can Adobe Reader Perform OCR?


As you can see in following interface, though full set of Acrobat’s features are visible within free Adobe Reader, lots of the tools are disabled, such as the “Export PDF” or “Enhance Scans” needed to deal with image-based files. If you want to activate these features, you have to be a subscriber of its Acrobat version.adobe-ocr

Is Adobe Acrobat DC OCR Perfect?

Not sure.

Adobe Acrobat DC is an overall powerful PDF tool, users can acquire to use its advanced features as their skills grow, this is particularly useful when you need to work with PDF on tremendous times a day. But if you are the person who wants to keep everything simple and easy, Adobe may be not the best choice for you, because:

  • You need manually adjust to improve the OCR results;
  • It doesn’t support batch OCR
  • It takes several steps to finish an OCR process
  • It cannot do OCR on images directly (you have to save the image as PDF first, then import for OCR)

Recommendations on Affordable yet Good OCR Tool

As you may have noticed, there are more and more OCR tools come to the market and win a lot of popularity. According to users feedback, we pick 2 OCR tool for your choice:



How to Copy Text from PDF to Word?

To copy text from a PDF into a Word document, the solution can be quite easy if you have a PDF Reader or Editor. But if you don’t have any one, even are working on non-copyable scanned PDF, the case will be quite different. Here, basing on different situations, we introduce several workarounds to cope with such a problem.

If you have a PDF Reader

1) When you are working on Native PDF

In the case you are working on a searchable and editable PDF, you can totally copy and paste the PDF text with a PDF reader. And luckily, for the reason PDF format has worked as the standard file format for some time, there are quite some PDF readers are free to all users, such as Adobe, Foxit, Document Reader, etc. You just need to download and install on your device, then copy and paste as you do on any occasions.

2) When you are working on Scanned PDF

In the case you are working on a scanned PDF allows no editing, copying, searching. To copy the PDF text, you will need a PDF OCR tool. Keep reading, the best PDF OCR tool will be revealed to you in the following part.

If you don’t have a PDF Reader

For sure, some users don’t have a PDF reader especially when they don’t need to deal with PDF very often. In this case, no matter you are working on native PDF, or scanned PDF, you can use a PDF converter with OCR capability to extract editable text from the PDF.

Best PDF Converter for Mac

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, is a mac program designed to convert any PDF to Word, Text, Excel, Keynote and other 10+ formats, with original file quality retained, such as layout, formatting, image resolution. No matter you are working on native, scanned or protected PDF.

Best PDF Convert for Windows

Nitro Pro is a PDF Editor with the feature of PDF conversion for Windows users. Not limited to view, create sign and protect PDF, users can also export native or scanned PDF into frequently used formats, such as Text, Word, Excel, etc.

How to Embed PDF in Word and Make it Editable?

Back to those days in my first career year, I found I always had problems on dealing with files in an efficient way. For example, when compiling a report, I spent a lot of time on copying & pasting , even retyping contents (from PDF to Word) from existing resources. What a suffering it was!

But now, it is quite easy to embed a pdf in word, so you don’t need to copy and paste.

There are 2 ways to embed a PDF in Word:

Method 1: embed PDF as image in Word(not editable)

Method 2: make PDF editable in Word, then insert

Method 1: Embed PDF as Image in Word

Since Microsoft Word allows to insert image or objects, users can utilize this feature to embed a PDF.

Step 1. Open the Word File.

Step 2. Go to Insert>Object>From Files


Step 3. Choose a File, then select a PDF page and click OK.

Step 4. Once the PDF is embedded, save the File.

Also, you can capture the PDF as an image, then insert the image into Word ( go to Insert>Picture).


  • Easy and free


  • Only one PDF page can be embedded at one time
  • The embedded PDF page is save in image format, it is not editable

Method 2: Embed Editable PDF in Word

This solution enables users to embed editable PDF into Word, so users can modify the file freely. In this workaround, you will need a professional PDF to Word Converter, and the choice will depend on which platform you are using.

For Mac User: Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

  • Convert any PDF to Word and other 15 formats;
  • Retain original file quality;
  • Create PDF from other documents;
  • OCR on image and scanned PDF;
  • Change one image to another image formats;
  • Batch Convert For

Windows User: UniPDF PDF to Word Converter

  • Convert PDF to Word and other 3 formats;
  • Keep original formatting
  • Batch Convert
  • Fast Convert

Since these 2 programs share a similar process to convert PDF into editable Word, we put the steps applicable for both tools as following:

Step 1: Run the program and add files into the program

Step 2: Choose page range and output format as Word

Step 3: Convert

Step 4: Open the existing Word with Word, then go to File>Insert>File, to embed the converted Word (the original PDF file) to Word.

Step 5: Save.

For more tools to embed PDF into Word on mac or on windows, check following hot post from authorities:



How to Convert Preview to Word?

Preview, is the mac free application helping users to view and manage PDF files. So, when we are talking about convert Preview to Word format, we mean converting PDF to Word on mac.

But, can Preview itself export PDF to Word? The answer is yes, but you can only copy and paste.

So, how to convert Preview to Word efficiently?

There are numerous solutions available to do this, but the best way with fast conversion and highest quality, is using a professional PDF to Word Converter.

  • Free download the program and install, then run it.


  • Drag and drop the Preview file into the program, you can batch conversion. This program works on native PDF, scanned PDF, encrypted PDF and even images.


  • Choose the page that you want to convert to Word, and select output as Word. Don’t forget to turn the OCR function ON if you have dropped scanned files for conversion.


  • Click “Convert” to change Preview to Word now. The conversion will finish within seconds. Find the Word output on the output folder.

Also, you can watch the following video to convert your Preview to Word:

If you want to try more to find your own best solution, here is a complete guide to convert PDF to Word on mac.