3 Best Free Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Do you want to give presentations with sources saved in PDF format? It is not that cost-efficient to buy a Adobe or PDF Converter for PDF to PowerPoint conversion, especially when you don’t need to convert PDF to PowerPoint very often.

Here we will pick 3 best free ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint, no matter you are using Mac, Windows PC, or any other platforms.

1. Smallpdf—Easy to Use

Smallpdf is an intuitive online program to convert PDF to PowerPoint and other formats easily. Besides, it offers free service to compress PDF, Edit PDF, Merge PDF, Sign, Rotate, Protect and Unprotect PDFs.

The most important reason I recommend Smallpdf is it offers an extremely easy way to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free.

  1. Drop PDF to the program. You have different options to upload PDF files(Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  2. Once conversion process finishes, download the PowerPoint file. smallpdf

2. Zamzar—Good Conversion Quality

Zamzar is an online program to perform conversion between document, videos, audios, etc. It wins large popularity due to its high conversion quality, retaining file quality as much as possible as original file.

There are 4 steps to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free with this tool.

  1. Choose File from Computer or URL
  2. Choose the output format
  3. Enter the email address to receive PowerPoint files
  4. Convert and download PowerPoint file according to the link Zamzar sent to your email box.zamzar

3. Online2pdf—Customize the PDF to PowerPoint Conversion

Another online tool I want to recommend to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free is online2pdf, due to its service to allow users to customize the PDF to PowerPoint conversion. Users can compress, preview, add header/footer, customize layout, etc before the conversion, to get a converted PPT file as expected.

  1. Upload PDF files by drag and drop
  2. Customize the PDF to PowerPoint conversion
  3. Convert and the converted PowerPoint file will be downloaded to your computer automaticallyonline2pdf.png


Though free and easy to use, online PDF to PowerPoint converter has its own disadvantages, like potential risk of information leakage, slower processing due to internet connection status or file size, limit on file size, even conversion quality when dealing with complicate or scanned PDF files. In this case, a professional PDF Converter or PDF OCR Software for Mac and Windows will be better.

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