How Can I Convert PDF to Word without Software Installed?

We often need to convert PDF to Word for editing documents as freely as possible, and we are often recommended to use Adobe or other PDF converters to get professional-looking results, but is there any PDF to Word solution that requires no software installation? The answer is yes.

Use Your Google Account

As the most informative search engine, Google Chrome also offers a platform —Google Docs allowing users to manage files online. With Google Docs, you can view and edit PDF files easily.

  1. Login into Google Account, if have not registered yet, sign up first
  2. Go to Google Drive
  3. Go to New>File Upload
  4. The file will be imported to Google Drive and appears in the right panel
  5. Right click on the file and open with Google Doc
  6. The file will be opened in Google Docs, edit it as you need to.
  7. Go to File>Download as Microsoft Word.

For those who want to convert scanned PDF to Word, Google Docs can process Google OCR on the scanned PDF and make it in editable Word format. Just follow the same steps as above since Google Docs process OCR on scanned PDF automatically.

As we may notice, the steps to convert PDF to Word with Google may be a little complicate for beginners. Still, Google Docs cannot batch process PDF to Word conversion. If these do bother you, you can try online programs.

Utilize Online Program

Most of online PDF to Word programs make it extremely easy to process the conversion, in 2 steps, you will get a Word format from PDF file.

The online program to convert PDF to Word here is pdf2doc. You can convert PDF to Doc, Docx, Text, or other frequently used formats.

You can upload up to 20 PDF files for conversion, the conversion can be processed very fast if the Internet connection is in good condition.

  1. Choose the conversion mode, PDF to DOC or PDF to DOCX.
  2. Upload single or multiple PDF into the program
  3. Download the file once conversion finishes.

No matter which solution you choose to convert PDF to Word or insert PDF into Word document, be prudent when uploading highly private documents for conversion, which may cause information leakage.

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