Free Office Trick: OCR a PDF to Word for Editing

In response to the call of paperless office, we cut the use of paper documents as much as possible and digitize paper files to distribute among recipients. Scanned copies really work great to create a paperless office. However, when we need to make modifications on scanned documents, scanned copies bring us the problem: how to OCR a scanned PDF to Word for editing?

To OCR a PDF to Word for Editing, there are 2 free yet feasible tricks:

#1 Use Google Service

Google, more than a powerful search engine, also offers a great platform called Google Docs to manage and edit document online. With Google Docs, Google OCR will be performed automatically on the scanned PDF file fast and well.

  • Login into your Google Account>Google Drive
  • New>File Upload, to import scanned PDF to Google service
  • Right click on the scanned PDF, open with Google Docs
  • The file is now editable, go to File>Download as Docx. Finish.

#2 Use Online OCR Program

There are numerous online OCR programs available to OCR a PDF to Word for editing, onlineocr is a good choice due to its face OCR processing and accurate OCR results.

  • Go to
  • Upload scanned PDF to the online program
  • Choose file language, it support 40 languages.
  • Choose output as Word, also you can convert scanned PDF to Excel or Text.
  • Click “Convert” to convert scanned PDF to Word.


Do not upload highly-private files for OCR online for the potential risk of information leakage Wait patient when uploading file/processing OCR/downloading files when internet connection status is poor.

To batch convert scanned copies to more editable formats, you can try PDF OCR Software for Mac or Readiris for Windows.

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