Best 10 Halloween Stories for Kids

Halloween 2017 is coming, how is your preparation for a great Halloween? Get the Halloween stories ready for your kids? Here is the best 10 short Halloween stories for your kids.

#1 The Legend of Bride’s Head Bridge

There’s a bridge near Hanover in Germany called ‘Der Kopf der Braut’, which means bride’s head.  A 15th century legend has it that Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt and his bride Gretchen were approaching the bridge in their horse and carriage when their way was blocked by an elderly crone.

The Reichsgraf or ‘Count’ ordered the old lady to get off the bridge instantly and make way for their carriage.  But it was dark, and the old lady had difficulty in herding her sheep off the bridge.

Because the old witch was moving none to fast, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt took his whip and have her a sound thrashing.  Bleeding, and cowering in a ditch, the old witch put a curse on the carriage.  Consequently when the bridal party eventually crossed the bridge, one of the horses shied and the other reared up.  The upshot was that Gretchen was thrown from the carriage into the river below.

It seems certain that she drowned as the river was in torrent and Gretchen was never seen again. However, it is said by Hanoverian wicca that at Halloween you can see a headless bride standing on rocks in the middle of the river.  Some say she is looking for her lost head, while other say she is looking for her beloved Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt.

#2 Uncle John’s Halloween Story

When I was a boy, each year as the nights began to draw in, my uncle John would tell we kids this Halloween story.  It was a tale about a trick that he played in a graveyard.  One night Uncle John spotted his great friend Eddie weaving his way home from the village pub.  As John watched, he saw Eddie open the church’s litch gate and take the shortcut through the graveyard.

There was no doubt that Eddie was the worse for wear, and appeared disoriented, really he should have taken the longer route home via the round ring.  But then he cried out to nobody in particular, ‘Where am I?’

John replied instantly, ‘Amongst the living’.

‘Where are you?’ cried Eddie’; to which John replied in his most sepulchral voice, ‘Amongst the dead’.

Eddie sobered up instantly, rushed back the way he came, and took the long way around the churchyard.  This time he preferring to go passed the round ring, rather than stay a minute longer amongst the spirits of the gravestones.

#3 Hairy Toe

Once there was an old woman who went out in the woods to dig up some roots to cook for dinner. She spotted something funny sticking out of the leaves and dug around until she uncovered a great big hairy toe. There was some good meat on that toe which would make a real tasty dinner, so the old woman put it in her basket and took it home.

When she got back to her cottage, the old woman boiled up a kettle-full of hairy toe soup, which she ate for dinner that night. It was the best meal she’d had in weeks! The old woman went to bed that night with a full stomach and a big smile.

Along about midnight, a cold wind started blowing in the tops of the trees around the old woman’s house. A large black cloud crept over the moon and from the woods a hollow voice rumbled: “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!” Inside the house, the old woman stirred uneasily in her bed and nervously pulled the covers up over her ears.

From the woods there came a stomp-stomp-stomping noise as the wind whistled and jerked at the treetops. In the clearing at the edge of the forest, a hollow voice said: “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!” Inside the house, the old woman shuddered and turned over in her sleep.

A stomp, stomp, stomping sound came from the garden path outside the cottage. The night creatures shivered in their burrows as a hollow voice howled: “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!” Inside the house, the old woman snapped awake. Her whole body shook with fright as she listened to the angry howling in her garden. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the door and barred it. Once the cottage was secure, she lay back down to sleep.

Suddenly, the front door of the cottage burst open with a bang, snapping the bar in two and sending it flying into the corners of the room. There came the stomp, stomp, stomping noise of giant feet walking up the stairs. Peeping out from under the covers, the old woman saw a massive figure filling her doorway. It said: “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!”

The old woman sat bolt upright in terror and shouted: “I ATE your hairy toe!”

“Yes, you did,” the giant figure said very gently as it advanced into the room.

No one living in the region ever saw the old woman again. The only clue to her disappearance was a giant footprint a neighbor found pressed deep into the loose soil of the meadow beside the house. The footprint was missing the left big toe.

#4 Vinder Viper

Years ago, a man inherited a house from his great uncle who died in the war. The house sat on a hill outside of town in the next state and rumors were told that it was haunted. The man traveled to the town to inspect the house and found that it was a wonderful old mansion in great condition, but very, very old. So, he decided to move in and enjoy his inheritance.

A couple weeks after he moved in, late at night, the phone rang. When he answered it, a voice said, “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there in 2 weeks!” and then it hung up before he could say anything. This really shook the man. The next day, he searched the Internet under ‘snakes’ for ‘vinder viper’ but found nothing.

A week past with no concerns and again, late one night, the phone rang. “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there in 1 week!” and hung up. This made the man quite nervous, not knowing what a vinder viper was. He asked around the town, and no one had ever heard of any such viper.

Four days later, late at night, the phone rang. “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there in 2 days!” The man is getting much more concerned now.

The next night, the phone rang. “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there tomorrow!” Needless to say, the man is just plain scared now.

The next evening, the phone rang. “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there in 1 hour!” The man tries to leave, but his car battery is dead.

Nearly an hour later, the phone rang. “I am the Vinder Viper. I will be there in 2 minutes!” The man runs around locking all the windows and doors and calls 911. The police are on their way.

Soon, there was a knock at the door. The man opened the door a crack and asked, “Is that the police?”

“No, I am the vinder viper. I come every month to vash and vipe your vindows.”

#5 Pink Jellybean Story

At the end of a long, dark road is a long, dark path.
At the end of the long, dark path is a lone, dark house.
And the lone, dark house has a single, dark door.
Behind the single, dark door is a long, dark hall.
At the end of the long, dark hall are some tall, dark stairs.
At the top of the tall, dark stairs is a long dark balcony.
At the end of the long, dark balcony is a big dark room.
In the big, dark room is a big, dark closet.
In the big, dark closet is a big, dark door.

Behind the big, dark door are some steep, dark stairs.
At the top of the steep, dark stairs is a dark, dusty attic.
In the dark, dusty attic is a big, dark chest.
In the big, dark chest is a small, dark box.
And in the small, dark box is a pink jellybean

#6 Hide and Seek

Two young brothers were at home alone in the apartment while their parents visited their neighbours next door for a while.

“Be good boys,” their parents said.

To keep themselves occupied the boys decided to play a game of hide and seek. The older boy turned his head to the wall and began to count. He could hear his little brother’s feet as he scampered about looking for a place to hide.

“Ready or not I’m coming,” cried the older brother and off he went looking for his brother. He looked in all the usual places, behind the sofa, in the bathroom behind the shower curtain, behind the curtains in every room, and under all the beds, but he couldn’t find him. The apartment was eerily silent.

Then he heard a scraping sound coming from the wardrobe. The boy was sure he’d already looked there, but he went anyway and called out, “Come out I’ve found you!” but there was only silence.

Again he called for his brother to come out and again nothing. Opening the door, the boy tried to peer behind the wall of dresses and coats hanging there. He bent down, but he did not see any feet standing there. He began to rise up and put his hand out into the mass of clothing to feel for his little brother when a small, white, icy cold hand came out, grabbed his wrist, and tried to pull him into the closet.

As he is trying to pull himself free, he hears a noise behind him, looks over his shoulder, and sees his brother behind him. “Couldn’t you find me?” asks the boy.

The older brother screams in fright and desperately tries to free himself from the grip of the hand, all the while being pulled into the wardrobe. The younger brother grabs him and together they manage to pull free. They both run screaming from the apartment.

Nobody knows what would have happened if the hand had managed to pull him in. Do you!

#7 The Hitchhiker

A recently married couple were on a long road trip through the heart of the United States. One night it was raining hard and the headlights of their car flashed across a bearded man on the side of the road hitchhiking. Not usually one for picking up hitchhikers, the husband stopped and pulled over to offer the guy a lift because the weather was so bad. The man thanked the husband and climbed in the back of the car. He seemed agitated and edgy, barely speaking a word for the whole journey. Eventually the couple dropped him off where he asked, at a crossroads. The rain was still coming down in sheets.

The couple drove on for a good while and, to pass the time, the husband turned on the radio. The couple heard a news report about an escaped lunatic, considered very dangerous, who should not be approached under any circumstances. The description matched the hitchhiker and the couple looked at each other, clearly shocked, but happy nothing bad had occurred.

Just then the car gave out, and no amount of keying the ignition would make it start again. The husband tells his wife to stay in the car while he sets off through the rain to try and get help. The woman locks the doors and wants to listen to the radio, but the car battery seems dead. Eventually she doses off.

A while later, she wakes up seeing flashing police lights through the water coming down the windshield and a voice through a loud speaker, “Lady, open the door, get out of the car and run towards us as fast as you can. Do it NOW!”

The woman is confused, but she gets out of the car with her hands above her head.

“Run and don’t look back!” orders the police officer.

But the woman is curious and turns. In the flashing blue lights of the police car and illuminated by flashes of lightning she sees the top of the car where the hitchhiker with a machete is hacking at the dismembered corpse of her husband. Blood is streaming down the sides of the car. She screams and faints as a flurry of gunshots ring out.

#8 Rap, Rap, Rap

There was once a woman who inherited an old house. The neighbors told her that it was haunted, but she didn’t believe them.

When she inspected the house, she was delighted to see that it was completely furnished. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, and she moved right in.

On her first night in the house, she got into bed happily. She was just drifting off to sleep when she heard an odd sound, way off in the distance. It sounded like this: “Rap, rap, rap.”

She tried to ignore the sound, but she couldn’t. Finally she decided to get out of bed and investigate.

When she opened her bedroom door, the sound was louder: “Rap, rap, rap”.

She walked down the hallway. The sound got louder: “Rap, rap, rap”.

She headed downstairs. Now it was even louder! “Rap, rap, rap.”

She went into the dining room. It was so loud! “Rap, rap, rap.”

The sound seemed to be coming from a corner of the room. She walked in that direction. “Rap, rap, rap.”

There was a chest of drawers in the corner. The sound was overwhelming now. “Rap, rap, rap.”

She opened the top drawer. There was nothing there.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

She opened the second drawer. There was nothing there.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

She opened the third drawer. There was nothing there.

“Rap, rap, rap.”

She opened the bottom drawer – and saw ……… a roll of wrapping paper!

#9 The Flying Dutchman

In 1961, a Dutch ship called the Flying Dutchman was traveling the seas, approaching the Cape of Good Hope. The captain saw black clouds looming and realized that they were going straight into a storm. The crew tried hard to stay afloat and at one point they thought they were safe. But luck wasn’t with them. The ship was sinking when the captain screamed –“I will round the cape if it means I have to keep sailing until the end of time”. To this day, if you travel in a storm near the Cape of Good Hope, you’ll find the Flying Dutchman sailing into the storm, along with its captain and the entire crew.


A young teen is babysitting for a family that is very, very wealthy, in a large mansion filled with a huge number of rooms and a vast number of interesting antiques and artefacts. Strangely, though, the father mentions to the girl that once the children are put to sleep for the night, the girl should only go to the basement and not spend her time in any other rooms of the house. She could watch television down there and was free to do anything else in the basement, but the rest of the house was off limits.

She goes to the basement once the children are in bed, but quickly notices a large clown statue in the corner of the room. It appears to be staring at her. She continues to watch her show, but can’t shake the feeling that the statue is following her around the room with its eyes. She puts a blanket over the statue eventually in an effort to make herself feel more comfortable, and then telephones the father of the children to ask if she can go and move to another room of the house, because she’s so freaked out by the clown.

“You need to leave NOW. We don’t own a clown statue. The children have been telling us they’ve been seeing a clown in their room in the night, and we thought they were having nightmares. Take the children and get out!”

The young girl hangs up the phone, terrified. She turns around, but the statue is gone, leaving behind only the blanket on the floor.

Also, if interested, you can make Halloween Mask for your kids to celebrate this great event.

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