Top 6 Popular Halloween Party Games for Adults

The Halloween 2017 is coming, have you already schemed out a Halloween Party to surprise your friends? Have you prepared some great Halloween party games to enliven the party? Here is a list of top 8 popular Halloween Party Games you shouldn’t miss out.

1.     Horror Movie Trivia

Yes, hard to miss. If you and your guests are great fans of horror movies, you can download some printable horror movie trivia games online and make a competition with your guests. Of course, funny penalties are necessary to make the game more entertaining.

2.     Trick or Treat

Fill the bottles with different “drinks” or mix as you want to (but make sure the mixture won’t be poisonous to your body). “Trick” bottles are filled with normal or tasty drinks, while the “Trick” bottles may taste weird. Guest can freely pick, but they can never tell which one is Trick or Treat.

3.     Halloween Jinx

Let your guests know that there are some certain words not allowed to speak out. If they do, penalty follows. This one can just make people quite focus on the party all the time if they don’t want to get penalty.

4.     Halloween Karaoke

Just shout and scream out! Download a Karaoke application on your computer, unleash every part of you to join the party.

5.     Candy Factory Relay

Too many mind games? Now stretch your arms and legs, let’s race. Divide your guests into small teams, give each team a spoon and a bowl of small candies to move the candy from one place to another. No one is allowed to use their hands to play the game.

6.     Mind Reader Game

Choose a test subject to fill in the bland on a series of questions or phrases. Players need to write down the answer they think they test subject gave, the one with the most correct answers wins.

So, what is your favorite Halloween Party Games?

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