How to Add a PDF to Keynote?

Do you want to add a PDF to Keynote, so that the PDF resources can be supplemented to enrich your Keynote presentation?

But, how to add a PDF to Keynote?

Especially in the case that we have known that Mac Keynote cannot open a PDF directly.

keynote can not open PDF

No worries! By following the instruction we list here, you will be able to add a PDF to Keynote, easily and for free.

Items You Need

  • Mac
  • Mac Keynote
  • An Existing Keynote File
  • PDF

Steps to Add a PDF to Keynote

1. Launch the app Keynote on your mac by opening the Keynote file you want to add a PDF files with keynote

2. Drag and drop the PDF file that you want to add to Keynote to the thumbnail list on the left. You can drag the file up and down to adjust its sequence in the Keynote file.add pdf to keynote

3. Optional. You can also tweak the settings of added PDF as needed.tweak the settings

4. Once all are set, go to File> Save the Keynote file. Done!

However, as you may have noticed, with this solution, you cannot batch convert PDF to Keynote. Even, the added PDF is saved as image format, which allows no editing in Keynote.

If you want to add PDF to Keynote and edit PDF text in Keynote, you will need a dedicated tool to convert PDF to editable Keynote.

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