How to Convert PDF to JPG with Adobe?

You may need to upload a PDF file to Facebook or other social media, but only to find that you are not allowed or fail to. PDF is a standard file format to store information, but not that web-friendly to upload online. So, very often, we need to convert PDF to JPG for different intentions.

Users who work with PDFs on a regular basis, is much likely an Adobe user, since Adobe is always the solution provider to solve various PDF issues. So, if you are a subscribed Adobe user or are thinking about commercial investment on Adobe, you can absolutely convert PDF to JPG with Adobe.

Can Adobe Reader Convert PDF to JPG?


If you have installed the free Adobe Reader on your computer or other device, you are only allowed to:

  • Open and view PDF
  • Search PDF
  • Print PDF
  • Highlight and add notes
  • Fill and sign
  • Upload to cloud

If you want to convert PDF to JPG with Adobe, you need to pay for its Adobe Acrobat version.

How to Convert PDF to JPG with Adobe?

It is quite easy to convert PDF to JPG with Adobe, you just need to follow these steps to perform the conversion.

Assuming you have purchased Adobe’s latest DC version, here is the tutorial:

1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC and open the PDF file.

2. Go to Tools>Export PDF, and choose Image as the output.


3.Click “Export” to convert PDF to JPG with Adobe.

If you are using Adobe earlier versions, open PDF>File>Export to>JPG.

Quite easy and convenient, right? However, Adobe doesn’t support batch conversion. If you need more options to convert PDF to JPG, you can turn to following tutorials:

Convert PDF to JPG on mac

Best PDF to JPG Converter (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android)

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