How to Embed PDF in Word and Make it Editable?

Back to those days in my first career year, I found I always had problems on dealing with files in an efficient way. For example, when compiling a report, I spent a lot of time on copying & pasting , even retyping contents (from PDF to Word) from existing resources. What a suffering it was!

But now, it is quite easy to embed a pdf in word, so you don’t need to copy and paste.

There are 2 ways to embed a PDF in Word:

Method 1: embed PDF as image in Word(not editable)

Method 2: make PDF editable in Word, then insert

Method 1: Embed PDF as Image in Word

Since Microsoft Word allows to insert image or objects, users can utilize this feature to embed a PDF.

Step 1. Open the Word File.

Step 2. Go to Insert>Object>From Files


Step 3. Choose a File, then select a PDF page and click OK.

Step 4. Once the PDF is embedded, save the File.

Also, you can capture the PDF as an image, then insert the image into Word ( go to Insert>Picture).


  • Easy and free


  • Only one PDF page can be embedded at one time
  • The embedded PDF page is save in image format, it is not editable

Method 2: Embed Editable PDF in Word

This solution enables users to embed editable PDF into Word, so users can modify the file freely. In this workaround, you will need a professional PDF to Word Converter, and the choice will depend on which platform you are using.

For Mac User: Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

  • Convert any PDF to Word and other 15 formats;
  • Retain original file quality;
  • Create PDF from other documents;
  • OCR on image and scanned PDF;
  • Change one image to another image formats;
  • Batch Convert For

Windows User: UniPDF PDF to Word Converter

  • Convert PDF to Word and other 3 formats;
  • Keep original formatting
  • Batch Convert
  • Fast Convert

Since these 2 programs share a similar process to convert PDF into editable Word, we put the steps applicable for both tools as following:

Step 1: Run the program and add files into the program

Step 2: Choose page range and output format as Word

Step 3: Convert

Step 4: Open the existing Word with Word, then go to File>Insert>File, to embed the converted Word (the original PDF file) to Word.

Step 5: Save.

For more tools to embed PDF into Word on mac or on windows, check following hot post from authorities:



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