How to Copy Text from PDF to Word?

To copy text from a PDF into a Word document, the solution can be quite easy if you have a PDF Reader or Editor. But if you don’t have any one, even are working on non-copyable scanned PDF, the case will be quite different. Here, basing on different situations, we introduce several workarounds to cope with such a problem.

If you have a PDF Reader

1) When you are working on Native PDF

In the case you are working on a searchable and editable PDF, you can totally copy and paste the PDF text with a PDF reader. And luckily, for the reason PDF format has worked as the standard file format for some time, there are quite some PDF readers are free to all users, such as Adobe, Foxit, Document Reader, etc. You just need to download and install on your device, then copy and paste as you do on any occasions.

2) When you are working on Scanned PDF

In the case you are working on a scanned PDF allows no editing, copying, searching. To copy the PDF text, you will need a PDF OCR tool. Keep reading, the best PDF OCR tool will be revealed to you in the following part.

If you don’t have a PDF Reader

For sure, some users don’t have a PDF reader especially when they don’t need to deal with PDF very often. In this case, no matter you are working on native PDF, or scanned PDF, you can use a PDF converter with OCR capability to extract editable text from the PDF.

Best PDF Converter for Mac

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, is a mac program designed to convert any PDF to Word, Text, Excel, Keynote and other 10+ formats, with original file quality retained, such as layout, formatting, image resolution. No matter you are working on native, scanned or protected PDF.

Best PDF Convert for Windows

Nitro Pro is a PDF Editor with the feature of PDF conversion for Windows users. Not limited to view, create sign and protect PDF, users can also export native or scanned PDF into frequently used formats, such as Text, Word, Excel, etc.

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