Can Adobe Reader Perform OCR on Image-Based Files?

As the creator, who contributes all its best to make people benefit so much from using PDF, Adobe is always leading in the way to offer efficient PDF tool kits and solutions, especially its free PDF Reader and powerful Adobe Acrobat.

While, it these times when we need to deal with a lot of scanned documents or images, OCR becomes critical to help optimize our workflow. So, there are so many users wondering if the free Adobe Reader can perform OCR?

Can Adobe Reader Perform OCR?


As you can see in following interface, though full set of Acrobat’s features are visible within free Adobe Reader, lots of the tools are disabled, such as the “Export PDF” or “Enhance Scans” needed to deal with image-based files. If you want to activate these features, you have to be a subscriber of its Acrobat version.adobe-ocr

Is Adobe Acrobat DC OCR Perfect?

Not sure.

Adobe Acrobat DC is an overall powerful PDF tool, users can acquire to use its advanced features as their skills grow, this is particularly useful when you need to work with PDF on tremendous times a day. But if you are the person who wants to keep everything simple and easy, Adobe may be not the best choice for you, because:

  • You need manually adjust to improve the OCR results;
  • It doesn’t support batch OCR
  • It takes several steps to finish an OCR process
  • It cannot do OCR on images directly (you have to save the image as PDF first, then import for OCR)

Recommendations on Affordable yet Good OCR Tool

As you may have noticed, there are more and more OCR tools come to the market and win a lot of popularity. According to users feedback, we pick 2 OCR tool for your choice:



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