2 Ways to Decrease Size of PDF on Mac

Large PDFs often bring us troubles to send out an email or consume our device space. But how to decrease the size of a PDF on mac, here are 2 ways for your choice.

Decrease Size of PDF on Mac with Free Preview

Preview is the free mac tool to manage PDF and image files, it is also capable of reducing a PDF file size.

1. Open PDF with Preview

2. Go to File>Export, maintain the “Format” be PDF, choose “Reduce File Size” in “Quartz Filter”.

3. Then choose “Save”


However, according to my tests, Preview only works on this issue when I drop files mainly about images. If a file is evenly composed of texts, images, other elements, Preview gets only poor results (make your file even bigger)

Decrease Size of PDF on Mac with PDF Compressor

If you want some way to do the job automatically, you can use a professional PDF Compressor.

Let’s say Cisdem PDF Compressor, it is a mac program developed to reduce PDF file size while retains original quality.

Key Features:

  • 4 modes to compress PDF on mac(minimal, small, medium, large);
  • Keep original quality
  • Batch compress
  • Easy to use

Watch the tutorial

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