What is the Best PDF to Keynote Converter 2018?

Want to convert PDF to Keynote for presentation but need a free solution? Here you will get to know the best free PDF to Keynote Converter for 2018.

In fact, PDF converters designed to export PDF as Keynote is quite small in quantity, as Keynote is still not that prevalent as PowerPoint. But as the advantages of Keynote loom larger and larger these days, the needs to save PDF as Keynote also grow. While, a good free PDF to Keynote converters, be it desktop or online, it should allows users to convert PDF to editable Keynote with high quality. And basing on this, we pick the best free PDF to Keynote Converter 2018 for you—CleverPDF.

CleverPDF is an easy-to-use online free PDF to Keynote converter, it processes the conversion fast and well. It won’t take you much time when uploading or processing the files, and the conversion results is decent, though requires re-check and minor adjustments, but basically meet your needs.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Conversion
  • Good Conversion


  • No batch conversion
  • Need manually adjustment if conversion errors exists
  • Require stable internet
  • Potential risk of information leakage

How to Use the Best Free PDF to Keynote Converter?

1.Upload PDF. Click on “Choose file” or drag and drop to upload PDF for conversion. The time of uploading will depend on the file size and Internet connection.


2.Start Conversion. Click on “Start Conversion” to process the file.02

3.Download Keynote Output. Click on “Download” to save the Keynote file.


Any Other Better PDF to Keynote Converter?

If the results from CleverPDF PDF to Keynote Converter let you down or you want to safely work on a PDF file, you can turn to a professional desktop PDF to Keynote Converter, and Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a good choice.

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