3 Ways to OCR an Invoice (Free Included)

It is much likely that we just receive a scanned invoice and later need to modify the file, but only to realize the original editable file is not available. In this case, we need to perform OCR on the invoice, to save as a searchable and editable format.

There are many choices to OCR an invoice, here we pick 3 popular and efficient ways to do such a OCR task.

OCR Invoice Online Free

If the Invoice you are going to perform OCR is quite simple without formatted tables or diagrams, you can utilize online free OCR tools. They are free and easy to use, and importantly, they can meet your requirement to perform a satisfactory OCR result.

The online program we recommend here to OCR invoice free is online2pdf. It is a platform allowing users to edit, convert, compress, protect, unlock and manage PDF files for totally free. The greatest part of using online2pdf is that, it allows you to save scanned invoice files, be it PDF or image, to editable PDF, Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, Rtfd, etc.

  1. Go to online2pdf;
  2. Click “Select files” to upload a or multiple invoice files into the program;
  3. Choose output as PDF or other editable format;
  4. Choose file language;
  5. Customize the output file as needed;
  6. Click “Convert” to perform OCR on the invoice files;
  7. Once ready, the file after OCR process will be downloaded automatically, save the file to your device.online2pdf

OCR Invoice with Bluebeam

Bluebeam is picked as another popular solution to OCR invoice files for some Windows users. In fact, there are different editions for Bluebeam, but only the Revu eXtreme builds in the OCR feature to convert scanned PDF or images to searchable PDF, Word, Excel and other formats.

It is easy to use and supports batch OCR files. What’s more, it allows users to adjust OCR settings for more accurate results: Correct Skew, Rotate Markups, Detect Orientation, Skip Vector Pages, Detect Text in Pictures and Drawing. In addition, you can choose a page range to convert designated pages.

  1. Download and install Bluebeam Revu eXtrem on your Windows PC;
  2. Go to File>Open, add a PDF or image Invoice file;
  3. Go to Document>OCR, then adjust the OCR settings;
  4. Click “OK” to start OCR invoice files;bluebeam-ocr

Notes: To convert scanned invoice files to Word or Excel, go to ile>Export, choose Word or Excel.

OCR Invoice with Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

For Mac users, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a great tool to OCR invoice files on mac. It packs a PDF converter and a PDF creator in the same program. That’s to say, it cannot only convert PDFs, OCR scanned or image files, but also allows users to create PDF from other files.

Main Features:

  • Convert native and protected PDFs into 16 formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, CHM, ePub, Text, HTML, etc.);
  • Convert scanned PDF and images with OCR, export as 16 formats;
  • Batch OCR;
  • High-accuracy OCR results ;
  • Create PDFs from other documents (allow protect and compress the PDF output);
  • Easy to use;
  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR on your Mac;
  2. In the “Converter” interface, drag and drop Invoice files into the program;cisdem-pdf-converter-ocr01
  3. Choose page range, file language and select output according to your needs;
  4. Click “Convert” to OCR invoice files.cisdem-pdf-converter-ocr-02


For sure, there are more options to OCR an Invoice file. Why not have a try on above-listed tools when so many users are using them to solve their OCR problems.

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