Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2018

Most of us may have stored a wealth of file, including document, image, videos, and audios on your mac or other device. As you may have noticed, there are a great number of files are duplicate, which makes us hard to find out a file, or take too much space on our device.

It is troublesome to manually find and delete those duplicates one by one, until we find some great Duplicate File Finder tools on mac.

Here we will bring you the best Duplicate File Finder for mac 2018.

Duplicate Finder for mac, with its fast scanning and deleting process on duplicate files, has become the hit on the market to find and delete duplicate files for mac users.


Fast Scanning

The Duplicate Finder for mac can process scanning quite fast. No matter you are adding an individual or multiple folders for scanning, the process is run fast and smoothly. The real-time quantity of scanned files and duplicate files will be informed.


Detailed Report of Scanning Results

To help users to decide duplicate files on mac without mistake, the Duplicate Finder for Mac will list detailed information of duplicate files in pie chart or tab view. Also you can trace down the location of duplicate file to have a careful check before deleting duplicates.


Safe and Speedy File Deletion

No duplicate files can be deleted without your permission. You can preview, then choose to delete duplicate in Trash Bin, or move, even delete them permanently.


How to Use the Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2018?

  1. Drag and drop folders you want to find or delete duplicate files into Duplicate Finder for mac after you have launched it on your mac.
  2. Click “Scan” to start the scanning process.
  3. Find the duplicate files in the scanning results, and click “Delete” to delete duplicate files on mac.

Also you can find a Youtube tutorial on this issue.

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